How to get system information for a WordPress site

Looking for a way to get system information for your WordPress site?

You can get your hosting information, WordPress details, PHP versions, and others info from system information. System information is required to maintain your website. System information is also required for troubleshooting WordPress issues.

Here in this article, we will show you how to easily get system information for a WordPress website.

Get system information for a WordPress site

Using WordPress default site health features you can get all of your website system information. Login to your WordPress dashboard and then go to Tools > Site Health page. Here you can get a site health report as well as it will show you any errors in your website.

 get system information for a WordPress site

Now move on to the info tab where you can see all the system information category-wise.

 get system information for a WordPress site

You can also copy all the information by clicking on the Copy site info to clipboard. You can expand any category to see the specific information. Just click on WordPress to see the information about WordPress.

 get system information for a WordPress site

You can get the maximum information about your website from here but still, there is some information you can find here.

Get website info using a plugin 

System information will not provide all the information. To get extra information here we are using the Debug Info WordPress plugin.

First, install and activate the plugin, and then go to Tools > Debug Info. Here you will see all the information. Click on the Show details link.

Here it will show you all the details information about your website. Here you can find detailed information and share it with if you want.

Wrapping Up

Following the process, you can easily and quickly get all the information on your website. You can also see our other articles to learn How to display popular posts in WordPress

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