How to copy & paste code snippets into WordPress


Are you trying to copy & paste code snippets into WordPress?

If you are new in WordPress then it’s not easy for you to copy and paste code snippets into your WordPress website. For the experienced users it is a very easy task but for the beginners it seems a little bit hard. While applying any code snippets new users can make any mistake easily that can affect the website very badly as they are not familiar with coding. This effect may break the website layout or remove any important element of your website.

For this reason you have to be very careful while adding any code on your website. Here in this article we will show you the ways you can copy and paste code snippets into your WordPress website.

Copy & paste code snippets into WordPress

There are many ways you can add code snippets in your website. We suggest you to add a backup plugins and make a backup of your website. So if anything goes wrong you don’t need to worry about your data. You can retrieve all of your website data from backup.

All the theme templates provide index.php, header.php file where you can add code. When you add code on those files it will affect only that file template. Your theme also provides a function.php file where you can add core code snippets which will affect your WordPress site.

There are also some other ways to copy & paste code snippets. You can use plugins to do that.

Code Snippets

Using the Code Snippets plugins is the easiest and safest way to copy & paste code. You can add and manage custom code with this plugin very easily. It also has the features to identify the errors in your code. If your code has any error it will show you the errors.

This plugin will provide a GUI interface for adding snippets and actually running them on your site just as if they were in your theme’s functions.php file. This plugin is only able to add  code in your function file. It will not help you to add code in the theme file.

Use child theme

Child theme is another way to add code snippets in your website. Child themes will provide you to add code snippets without being worried about the update in your website. With the help of child themes you can add code snippets in your theme file too.

Add code in function.php file

You can add code directly in your function.php file. But there are some problems with it. If you update the theme all your code will vanish. Another disadvantage of adding code in a function.php file is that only in your active theme will it affect the code. If you change the theme the code will not work.

Use site specific plugin

Site specific plugins are custom plugins used to save the code of your website. You can create a site specific plugin for your website and then save your code on it and use it when necessary. The advantage of this method is that your code will not vanish when you update or replace the theme. It will not depend on your theme. So without losing the code you can update or change the theme.

How to add code in Code Snippets plugins

To add code in code snippets plugins go to your WordPress dashboard and then go to Snippets > Add new. From here you can add your custom code. Add your code and click on the activate button to active the code.

Following all of these methods you can add your custom code in your WordPress website. But remember before adding any code always create a backup of your website. It will help you to retrieve your data if anything goes wrong.

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