Disable Automatic Update Email Notification in WordPress

Looking for a way to disable automatic update email notifications in WordPress? 

You will get automatic email notifications for themes and plugins updates. By default, WordPress will email you all the update notifications on your website. Sometimes website owners are getting disturbed with the continuous update email so they want to turn off the email notification features. So here in this article, we will show you the easiest way to disable automatic update email notifications in WordPress.



How to add “Terms and Conditions” to the Checkout page on Woocommerce

Do you want to add “Terms and Conditions” to the Checkout page on Woocommerce? Terms and conditions documentation is very essential, especially for an online shop. You have to clarify all the terms and conditions you users need to agree to shop from your store. Some payment gateway also requires terms and conditions on your website.



How to Embed Facebook Feed in WordPress

Are you trying to embed the Facebook feed in the WordPress website? There are a few ways you can embed all of your Facebook feeds in your WordPress website. Embedding a Facebook feed is a great way to connect with your audience. It will help you to increase your audience engagement.



How to create custom sidebar for each post and page in WordPress

Are you trying to create a custom sidebar for each post and page in WordPress? There are a few methods by which you can create a custom sidebar for your website. By default, your website’s themes will show the same sidebar in the entire website pages and posts.



How to copy & paste code snippets into WordPress

Are you trying to copy & paste code snippets into WordPress?

If you are new to WordPress then it’s not easy for you to copy and paste code snippets into your WordPress website. For experienced users, it is a very easy task but for beginners, it seems a little bit hard. While applying any code snippets new users can make any mistake easily that can affect the website very badly as they are not familiar with coding. This effect may break the website layout or remove any important element of your website.



How to paste content in WordPress without formatting issues

Looking for a way to copy paste content in WordPress without formatting issues. Don’t worry here in this article we will show you the way.

When you copy content or text from other sources like a desktop app or a different website sometimes the content appears with formation. The formation will not match your website font, color and others. So it’s not a good idea to display content with other formations and it doesn’t look professional too.



How to Add the WordPress Logout Link to Navigation Menu

Do you want to add the WordPress logout link to your website navigation menu?

It’s very disturbing when you don’t find any legit option for your website, especially when you work on a public computer. Besides if you run an eCommerce shop, membership site, or management system then a logout link is very essential for your users.

So here in this article let’s take a look at how you can add your logout link to your WordPress navigation menu.



How to Edit the Footer in WordPress

Are you trying to edit the footer in WordPress? There is a lot of ways you can edit and customize the footer section according to your business needs and nature. The footer area is very essential and it appears on every page.

You can add you’re important information link in the footer area. If any business owner can perfectly organize their website footer area, it will grow their business by increasing audience engagement.

Here in this article, we will guide you to the easiest way to edit the footer in WordPress.



Why You Should Have A FAQ Page In WordPress Website?

Do you want to know the importance of the FAQ page on the WordPress website?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a page on your website where questions are asked and answered. The FAQ section is one of the important sections on your website. For your business or services, it’s a must-have option as this page is a living and breathing document for your services.

If you run a business, your customers will ask you a lot of questions. You need to answer those questions properly and take this opportunity to interact with your audience and promote your service or brand.

You can use these questions in an informative way. It helps your users to have proper knowledge and ideas about your services. FAQ is a broad section and you can create a separate informative page for important elements of your service like payment options, order system, or return policy, any information you want.

Your information in the FAQ section should be clear and updated regularly so that your users can have a supportive and relevant response.

Why should you have a FAQ Page On Your WordPress Website?

Better User Experience

Your user can ask you questions regarding your business and services no matter how organized your website is. They are not wasting their time looking for the answer on your website. It’s very annoying for the user to find a little answer. So having the FAQ section covered with all the relevant topics will give your users a better user experience and a central page to find all their needs.

Save Time

If you have a well-organized FAQ section then this page should be the first point of reference for your users to explore your website. It will help them to have a clear concept of your services and how you deliver all your activities. If you don’t have the FAQ section, your users may browse your website and ask you frequent questions about many issues. So it will be painful for you to answer them individually and also time-wasting.

Help users navigate your site

The information you provide in your FAQ section already exists somewhere on your website. Users can always use the side menu to navigate to anything from your website. But a complete FAQ page can also navigate users to your site. Because the information you provide is difficult to find on your website, but in the FAQ section users can have all the information on one page.

Relationship with Customers

One of the best ways to build a very good relationship with your customers is to gain their trust. If your users find your frankly transparent behavior about their queries and questions, then it makes your services more trustworthy. It will improve your users’ confidence in your business and make them regular customers for you.

Can increase organic search

In your FAQ page section, you not only provide info about your services but also about your industry and the competitors. Providing this type of information may give you the users who are not knowing about your business but asking general questions about your industry and finding your answer. They might have spent more time on your website and know about your services.

Turn negatives into positives

All your questions are not positive about you and your services. Some negative questions will also appear. You need to do these negative things in a positive way. If someone complains about any issue, you need to answer them in an interactive way. You need to discuss why your services are better than others and tell them about the advantages of your services.

Source Of Content Ideas

All your content should focus on what your customer wants by solving problems or reviewing your services and others. The FAQ section is the best place to get an idea about it because it contains all the questions and answers.

Analyze your site

By checking your data regularly, you will be able to see statistics about your website. You can see where your visitors come from and how many times they stay on the FAQ page, what interests them most, and where they went afterward. This statistical report gives you a clear view of what relevant info you need to add to your FAQ page to get more engagement with your customers.


Your FAQ section should be well organized and cover all the possible things about your services and business. If you don’t have a FAQ section on your website then you can see our article to Create a FAQ page in WordPress.

We hope this article will help you to create your FAQ section. If you like the article, please like our Facebook page to stay connected.



How to setup Woo-commerce Shipping Zones

Do you want to set up Woo-commerce Shipping Zones on your websites? Woo-commerce shipping zone offers you some standard methods to apply shipping area in our products. With the shipping zone features, you can edit your geographical areas to deliver your products. It also offers you to add shipping methods for your products. If you add shipping zones for your store it will be very flexible for you to ship your products in your desire geographical areas.