How to Create a Frequently Asked Question Page- FAQ in WordPress


If you run a business your customers will ask you a lot of questions and you need to answer those questions properly and take this opportunity to interact with your audience and promote your service or brand. 

You can use these questions in an informative way so that your users can have a proper knowledge and idea about your services. FAQ is a broad section and you can create a separate informative page for important elements of your service like payment option, order system or return policy any information you want.

Your information in the FAQ section should be clear and updated regularly so that your user can have a supportive and relevant response.

Here in this article we will show you the easiest way to create a FAQ section in your WordPress website.

You can see our article to know the importance of FAQ section in Your WordPress website.

Adding a FAQ in WordPress

The easiest way for making a FAQ section  is to make a separate page. You can make this page from your WordPress dashboard. After creating the the you can add it to your menu or in the footer or whatever you want.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on the add new option
  • Then you need to give the page name as FAQ
  • In the content area add your questions and answers. You may bold the questions so it highlighted to the audience.
  • After everything is done don’t forget to click on the publish button.

  • After creating the page go to Appearance> Menus from the dashboard.
  • Under the page area you will find your new FAQ page listing. Check the box and click on the add to menu option.
  • The drag and drop option help you to place your FAQ page anywhere you want.
  • At last click on the save menu option

Following this method you can easily add your FAQ page in your website. There are also many FAQ plugins which gives you extra features and more functionalities to add FAQ question.


Best FAQ plugins For WordPress

Quick and Easy FAQs

This plugin allows you to add FAQ as costume post type and after that you can add those FAQ on your website using Gutenberg block or short-code. It comes with some unique style which is very flexible and customizable. You can add manually design using CSS code to design your FAQ as you like.


  • Very easy to use
  • Add FAQ as custom post
  • Display in accordion style, list style or toggle style
  • Custom CSS
  • Customize color and other things

More Info

Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ is another popular and very flexible WordPress FAQ plugin which help you to add theme in your website using Gutenberg block and short code. It offers unlimited tag and category with awesome visual features.


  • Unlimited FAQ
  • Unlimited tags and category
  • Gutenberg and short-code support
  • Responsive
  • Group option
  • Translation ready
  • Custom CSS

More Info

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