How to setup Woo-commerce Shipping Zones

Do you want to setup Woo-commerce Shipping Zones in your websites. Woo-commerce shipping zone offers you some standard method to apply shipping area in our products. With the shipping zone features you can edit your geographical areas to deliver your products. It’s also offers you to add shipping methods for your products. If you add shipping zones for your store it will be very flexible for you to ship your products in your desire geographical areas.

Besides you can make various shipping method which will meet your customers satisfaction and more customer satisfaction brings more business. But adding shipping zones and shipping methods are not quite easy. You need to think about many factor before adding shipping zones and methods for any specific store or products.

Here in this article you will guide to setup woo-commerce shipping zones and also show you how to maintain shipping methods.

What are Woo-commerce shipping zones

Shipping zones are geographical area to categorized products shipping areas. In short shipping zones are the location where you deliver your products. In shipping zone you can crate category with states, country even zip codes. You can also create shipping method for each shipping zones. Based on the method and shipping zones products price will automatically displayed to the visitors.

Setup Woo-commerce Shipping Zones

To create shipping zones login to your WordPress website and go to WooCommerce > Settings then click on the Shipping tab.

setup Woo-commerce Shipping Zones

Now you can add your shipping zones by clicking on the Add Shipping Zones options.

setup Woo-commerce Shipping Zones

To add the shipping zones, you have to important fields to configured. They are-

  • Zone Name: Give a related name to your shipping area so that you can easily identify it.
  • Zone Regions: Select the area where you want to ship. Here you can add the area, states names, country name or even you can select the zip or postal codes.

setup Woo-commerce Shipping Zones

After configure this two fields save the shipping zone. When your shipping zone is crated you can add shipping method for this specific zones. Just click on the Add shipping method  option. There are three types of shipping method.

  • Flat Rate
  • Free Shipping
  • Local Pickup

Selecting the shipping method you need to consider many things.Three different shipping methods will provide you threes types of option so choose your shipping method carefully.

Flat rate

If you select Flat Rate  for any products it will have a fixed rate which depend on many parameter such as –

  • Products type
  • Shipping location
  • Dimension
  • Weight

At first add you shipping method as flat rate then you can configure the flat rate option.

After adding the flat rate click on the edit option and flat rate configuration page will open up. There are three options in flat rate settings.

setup Woo-commerce Shipping Zones

Method Title: By default method title will show as flat rate.

Tax Status: There are two option in this filed. Whether your products is taxable or not.

Cost:  In the coast field you can add your flat rate cost for the products.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a special shipping method your user can get it by a minimum order or from a shipping coupon. You can customize your free shipping criteria based on your local pickup area or services. It’s fully up to you. If you ran any special campaign or  promotion then you can offer y a free shipping opportunity for your customers to attract them. There are also some filed to configure in free ships method. Add free ships and click on the edit option same as the Flat rate method.

Free shipping configuration page will open up and you can see two options

Title:  By default it is also show the title as Free Shipping. You can change that.

Free Shipping Requires: 

  • If you do not have any free shipping features then you can choose no
  • you can choose coupon so only the coupon holders can get the free shipping features.
  • You can select minimum order amount then a new window will appear then you can add the minimum order values to get the free shipping features.
  • There are also some option you can choose from.


Local Pickup

For Local Pickup method customers need to come to the local pickup store to get their products. Local pickup configuration is as same as the flat rate method. the only difference is to in local pickup you need to come to the store to get the products and in flat rate you need to pay to deliver the product in your desire address.

Method Title: By default method title will show as local pickup

Tax Status: There are two option in this filed. Whether your products is taxable or not.

Cost:  In the coast field you can add your flat rate cost for the products.

Add both free shipping and flat rate in shipping zone

You can add both free shipping and flat rate by enabling both two method.

Wrapping up

By following this tutorial you can easily add shipping zones and method in your shop. If you have any problem you can check our Website Maintenance services. You will manage and customize your website professionally.

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