Why CDN is important for your WordPress Blog?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which is a network of servers that deliver cached static content from websites to users based on the geographic location of the user.

As usual, when a user comes to our website, they are redirected to our web host’s server. our web host’s server is located at a central location like New York. So every user on our website is accessing this one server to view the website.

When we are facing a high volume of traffic, then we can overload our server which leads to a slow loading site or even server crash. This is where a CDN comes in handy because it is a network of servers, but most importantly these servers are spread throughout the world. When you use a CDN, your static content is cached and stored on all of these servers. Static content includes images, stylesheets (CSS files), javascript, Flash, etc. Now when a user visits your site (original server), the CDN technology redirects them to the closest server to their location.

As an example, if our main server is in New York and someone from China, tries to access our website, then they will be redirected to the closest server which may be in China or the nearest country. This limits the number of internet hops needed to transmit the static files to your end-user.

Why CDN is important for your WordPress Blog?

Improved Speed

As we’ve seen from the brief description of how a CDN works, improved speed is arguably the best benefit of using a CDN for your WordPress website. A CDN serves static content from a server node that is closest in proximity to the requesting user. You can expect a slightly improved user experience due to improved speed.

Since much of a web page’s load time entails accessing and downloading static components and assets such as images, scripts, and stylesheets, it’s easy to see why a CDN is a key performance boost for your website. However, this doesn’t mean that using a CDN will magically make your web pages load faster.

For instance, if your website has buggy code, a CDN may not make up for the subsequent performance loss. In addition, your website’s performance also depends on the server configuration and capabilities of your host, among other things.

Crash Resistance

CDN allows us to distribute the load to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic to our main server thus making it less likely to crash.

Improvement in SEO 

Google has clearly stated that faster sites tend to rank higher in Search Engines. Your website ranking will be higher if you optimized it properly.

Data Integrity

CDN helps to preserve integrity whenever changes are made to your assets. When you update your CSS or JavaScript files on a CDN, for instance, the changes are instantly mirrored across various servers on the network, thus preserving data integrity and consistency.

When you are planning to choose a CDN provider, do some homework because the benefits you stand to reap will depend on the provider you choose

Wrapping Up

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