How to Add Additional User Profile Fields in WordPress Registration

If you add an extra custom field in the WordPress registration page then you can have extra info from your users. Suppose you may add their social page info or their business mobile number on the registration page. You will have the ability by  adding an extra custom field in your website when your user wants to login.

Add Additional user info in registration using Advance Custom Field Plugin

This Advance Custom Field plugin is very intuitive.It has a very powerful function which helps you take full control in your WordPress custom field data. 

Install this plugin and activate it. Then go to the Custom field > Add new  option. Then create a field and give it a name. We want to show Twitter info so we give the name Twitter Handle. You can name it whatever you want. 


After giving the name click on the add field button and configuration page will open. No we need to customize our new custom field.

In the field type option you can select many types like email, number, text, password and many others. You can make it required or not.  If the required is on, users have to fulfill this information to register in your website.

In place holder fields you can give an example of how the user submits the data. Scroll down to the bottom you will find a location option where you can add a specific user role to fulfill this custom field. If you select all then all the users need to submit this field. Or you can select individual ones.


Now go to the setting box and make sure the active field is YES. This is how you can make your additional custom field in the registration page. When all done you can see all the custom field in Custom field > Field groups  page

When you add this additional info your an additional fi;ed will be added in your registration page.


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